Lakes & Wetlands

Discover Hydrobiotope

Edessa Waterfalls Springs is here. The Wetland Tourist Information Center and the Natural History Exhibition (IC) is located at the entrance of the area, close to the intersection of the national driveway from Edessa to Florina with the provincial road to Kerasia. The visitor, after gathering the necessary information and material at the IC, could use EdessaCityCard to have a presentation and a birdwatching activity. Also may start from this point and drive around the wetland, following the peripheral road or, hike, following the local road and trail network. On the hiking trails that visitors may follow

to experience the natural beauty of the wetland, with interesting view points around the wetland ready for birwatching. Important places are the Chapel of St.George in the area of Edessa Waterfalls Springs, the dam and the human activities of fishing, especially of crayfish, used to be one of the main income resources for the local inhabitants. Today, you could see the traditional rural activities as cows, horses and sheep graze at the wet meadows and at the surrounding grasslands. Enjoy the fact that you are at the center of Edessa Cherries Fields.

Hydrobiotope Agras-Vrita-Nision is 5'min driving from Casa Kedrova

Lake Vegoritis

Lake Vegoritis is located in the village Arnissa and Aghios Panteleimonas and it is one of the deepest lakes in Greece, since its bed is in many parts 100m deep. The lake is famous from the island called Ostrovo and older times called lake of Ostrovo.

It is at an altitude of 500m and has an area of 60 It is surrounded by rushes and hydrophilous plants, which create the ideal conditions for the birds of the area. Its fish-fauna is remarkable and includes species such as carps, whitefish, tenches, roaches and pikes. Apart from its ecological importance, the lake is used for the irrigation of the area and the production of electricity.

Many educational programmes are organized here in order to raise awareness of students regarding environmental issues. Lake Vegoritis is connected with the Lake Petron with a narrow canal.

Lake Vegoritis is 10' min driving from Casa Kedrova