Vermion Villages


Mount Vermion is one of the richest in diverse vegetation due to its morphology, waters and climate conditions. Two and a half thousand years ago Herodotus wrote that the gardens of Midas with the famous roses were on Mount Vermion. The mountain boasts a feast of colours and perfumes with hundreds of wild flowers and pharmaceutical herbs. Some of them are of unique beauty such as the red lilium, peony, wild carnations, etc.

At the low altitudes of Mount Vermion one can find mostly bush, such as privets, peppertrees, arbutus as well as trees, such as plantains, linden, etc. while higher up the mountain, there are chestnut and beech trees, and even higher oak, pine and very tall fir trees.

The people from surrounded villages have always known the beneficial qualities of the herbs and mushrooms in the mountain which they have used to cure several diseases, carefully, however, because of the toxicity of some. We are very careful at collecting them, we follow the experts’ advice and we are not greedy with their collection because we do not want to ruin the herbs’ root system which might lead to their extinction.

The waters of mount Vermion give fertility to the plain and with the combination of effective agricultural and arboricultural practices have endowed the city of Edessa, the capital of Pella, affluence and prosperity that contribute to its environmental, cultural, socio-economic development.