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Kaimaktsalan Gastronomy Routes?

I'm a member of a team specialized in Water, Nature, Local Products & Food Tours in all Balkan States. Environment 4 elements, connection with 5 human senses and sustainability is our passion. I’ve lived in a city with more than 3000 years of history Edessa, in the heart of Balkans, to the Mediterranean Europe, and I travel with my bike tasted water & nature at over 50 countries worldwide. I teach culture travel & destination management at the M4ALL Educational Center & Balkan Colleges and Universities. I spoke many times at International tourism conferences for the Value of Water in travel experience. I work as DMO manager and co-founder of Magic Experiences M4ALLFoundation specialized in nature-elements-oriented travel.

What styles of cooking should your diners expect to find at this gastronomy area ? Do you want to learn and act more about the kitchen and the inner-workings of the dining experience.

Gastronomy Area ?

Edessa Waterfalls Geopark, Water Mills & Mill of Flavors, Old open market of Edessa, Bakeries, Creameries, Old Coffee Shops, Traditional Taverns, Water Canals & fruits market.

Who else works in the kitchen? You?

Tell your viewers more about our chef's team.

What does the local cooking process look like?

We start from Edessa Waterfalls Geopark. We will explore the Balkan Market in Ancient Via Egnatia bridge discovering how many products this area produces. We are going to understand the importance of clear water to Life and to the bread. Then we are going to connect our 5 human senses with Kaimaktsalan Mt. Gastronomy routes. We going to follow recipes of pies, typical Greek Breakfast in Macedonia, the café importance, the hidden paths of brunch, the appetizer time, the lunch time understanding the importance of food during celebrations and during special religion events. Then we continue to the Mill of Flavors and Watermills area. Finally we will have a degustation of local spirits, appetizers, fresh water and season fruits near the canals of Edessa discussing for gastronomy stories. Vegan or Vegetarian only upon request.

Other things to note

You must be ready to taste. All snacks and food taste included. No hidden costs.