Spa Pozar

Hot Natural Spa

Pozar, which means “beneath the fire” in local Macedonian, is nature at its most luxurious, combining beauty with sensual pleasure. It is at the entrance of forested gorge named "Ramno Bor". Except the outdoor natural pools with hot water, 37C degrees exaclty the human temperature, you could swim at the the "Toplitsa" River. At the area there are trails to suit every ability level, starting with a flat paved path following the river. If you climb up the stone stairs that line the gorge’s wall, finding thrillingly high viewing platforms. Another, wilder trail follows the river further upstream until the waterfalls of Kounoupista but is better to have a guide with you (maps are available at the Pozar information center).

It is in operation 24 hours a day. Internal Pools are private and you could reserve them

Pozar Spa is 35' min driving from Casa Kedrova