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Relaxation Massage Therapy

A relaxation massage treatment involve flowing strokes and kneading, performed at your chosen pressure. It's a pain free therapy and an effective way to de-stress and relax the mind and body. 

Follow 75min/45min/30min relaxation massage programme. 

Please contact with us because arrangement is needed it previously. The service provided in the Chalet Casa Kedrova by an independent professional masseur.

Dancing Circle Therapy

A circle hand in hand dancing treatment involve ancient grrek and macedonian dances, performed at your chosen mood. It's a soul therapy and an effective way to de-stress and act the mind and body. 

Follow 60min/90min dancing lesson programme. 

Please contact with us because arrangement is needed it previously. The service provided in the Chalet Casa Kedrova by an independent professional trainer.

Indoor/Outdoor Activities

Kaimaktsalan Gastronomy Routes

Exploring the Balkan Market in Ancient Via Egnatia bridge discovering how many products this area produces. Understanding the importance of clear water to Life and to the bread by connecting 5 human senses. Then we going to follow recipes of pies, typical Greek Breakfast in Macedonia, the café importance, the hidden paths of brunch, the appetizer time, the lunch time understanding the importance of food during celebrations and during special religion events. Finally there are a set of degustation of local spirits, appetizers, fresh water and season fruits near the canals of Edessa discussing for gastronomy stories. Vegan or Vegetarian only upon request. 

Discover Edessa Waterfalls

Edessa Waterfalls Geopark exploring means discovering how many waterfalls creates the step which God stand to climb up to the sky. Take a breath of fresh air. Water is Life, Power and Destruction connecting … the 5 human senses with water. Is there any female water? Edessa & Delphi connected with water and how? Following hidden paths of old watermills and then  to the water neighborhood realizing how a stone could be lighter than water. Finally discussing and drinking water of life tasting also wines of the area .to learn parts of 3000 years water history ...

Hidden Steps of Edessa-Pella

Starting from old city of Edessa Varosi exploring the hidden side of the waterfalls following the Ancient Egnatia, discovering the beauty of the Geopark of Edessa, the step that God takes to ascend to heaven. Ancient cherry trees of Logos following the hidden paths understanding why Edessa means a castle on the water and following the ancient tracks near the walls under the trees. The birthplace of Alexander the Great and the stories of his first steps connect the past and the present. Finally tasting seasonal fruits near the famous ancient traveler of Edessa discussing ... the main reason for the 3000 years of continuous history of Edessa.

Steps of Ho Chi Minh

During Great War the area of Ancient Via Egnatia was the old passage where Ho Chi Minh with Orient Armee understand the great importance of the area for ending of the Great War (WWI). Mt Kaimaktsalan battle operations places and buildings keep the steps of Ho Chi Minh of 20th century begining to understand also the peaceful jobs of multi-national army soldiers. Reading the poet “The cooker of the history” at the train station of the city of waters and cherries near the canals of Edessa discussing the famous phrace of Ho Chi Minh “We fight for peace, not for war”. 

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